Connect. Communicate. Create.

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I love alliteration, maybe to a fault.

But “Connect. Communicate. Create.” is far more to me than just a catchy motto.

Rather, it precisely sums up my philosophy on solving problems, particularly the type of complex problems we face today.

On this blog, I will examine best practices in areas such as social media, civic engagement, journalism, audience development, policy analysis and formation, strategic planning and communications, conflict transformation and consensus building.

The focus will be how individuals, nonprofits, governments and companies can harness these best practices to solve problems and overcome barriers to success.

I invite you to connect with me in the manner in which you feel most comfortable. Comment on this blog, call me at 315.730.4621, email me at, friend me on Facebook, connect with me on LinkedIn or follow my tweets.

While you’re here, check out my resume and bio, and browse through some examples of my work.

Some of the work I am the most proud of are the series I articles I wrote from the Gulf Coast after Katrina and the CNYSpeaks Civic Engagement Initiative.

CNYSpeaks exemplifies the type of project I love: Connecting people, fostering constructive dialog and using that communication to catalyze creative solutions. As such, civic engagement is the basis for much of my journalistic and academic work.

Thanks for stopping by.

2 thoughts on “Connect. Communicate. Create.

  1. Comments are welcome on this blog! Share stories about your own efforts at civic engagement, social networking and strategic communications. Disagree with my take on best practices. Tell me how to make this blog look and read better.

  2. Greg

    Best wishes on this venture. I’ve been in FL for the past week and am amused and saddened by the quality of candidates on the State level running for office. Practically makes our candidates virtuous.


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