Mississippi Post Katrina

This was the best reporting assignment of my life because people really wanted to tell me their stories, which in turn made me feel like I was making a difference. I’ll have to find a way to display Mike Greenlar‘s amazing photos because they were such a big part of the splashy front-page packages that ran for a week in The Post-Standard while we were in Mississippi just days after Katrina.

These articles also ran with sidebars and a reporter’s notebook that I produced each day. Mike and I spent the week living in a tent and constantly struggling to find ways to power our equipment and transmit back to Syracuse. The links below will take you to the text of the mainbar of each of the A-1 packages we filed. Hard copies of the full packages are available upon request. All articles are property of The Post-Standard. Do not reprint without its permission.

CNY Lends A Hand

Cicero Church Volunteers Dispense Supplies, Care

“I’ve Never Been This Scared in My Life”

Church Bell Offers Community A Ring of Hope

On The Front Lines: How Small Organizations Did What Government Could Not

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