As a teacher, I am strive to create an inclusive classroom, provide a rigorous education, prepare students to excel in the field, and facilitate a love of learning. Since joining the Newspaper & Online Journalism department at the Newhouse School in August 2015, I have received evaluations for teaching eight classes. My average teacher-evaluation score ranges from 4.06 to 4.88 (out of 5), with scores over 4.5 for five classes. I’d be happy to provide my full evaluations if requested. Here’s some of the highlights from each course evaluation.

  • News Writing (NEW 205, Fall 2015). Student: “He genuinely cares about students and gives very constructive criticism to improve stories.” Average score: 4.56.
  • News Reporting (NEW 305, Fall 2015). Student: “Munno’s openness at communicating with his students through multiple … means (phone, text, email, office hours, etc.) is refreshing and extremely helpful. He is also encouraging, honest, and tells you what you need to hear when you need to hear it, good or bad.” Average score: 4.73.
  • Web Journalism & Innovation (ICC 505, Fall 2015). Student: “Professor Munno clearly loves his work and it shows. I enjoy when teachers are like that.” Average score: 4.31. Note: Final project won AEJMC’s 2016 Best of Digital Award.
  • Cross Media & Digital News Writing (BDJ-MAG 200, Spring 2016). Student: “I really liked the way Professor Munno made everyone’s thoughts seem valid. Even when an answer did not completely make sense or go with what we were talking about, he shed a different type of light on it to make what was said relevant.” Average score: 4.88.
  • News Reporting (NEW 305, Spring 2016, Section 002). Student: “Brilliant, innovative, helpful, invested and an important presence at Newhouse.” Average score: 4.06.
  • News Reporting (NEW 305, Spring 2016, Section 003). Student: “I really think that Greg Munno is one of the best professors here. I switched from Magazine to Newspaper because of his class. His critiques are humbling and he is genuinely concerned about each student’s development.” Average score: 4.34.
  • Data-Driven Journalism (MNO 612, Spring 2016). Student: “He doesn’t just leave you with the async material and say, ‘this is what you have to do.’ He says, ‘This is what you need to do, here’s how to do it, and let’s figure it out together.’ I love him.”
  • Data-Driven Journalism (MNO 612, Summer 2016). Student: “Professor Munno runs the class like a newsroom. He’s a great editor. The feedback he offers is direct, but delivered supportively. His approach is one that makes our work better.” Average score: 4.64.

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